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Business Coaching &

Success Support


Business Coaching


ANOVA offers coaching for individuals, teams or departments respectively cross-company

areas on various topics and exclusively in economic context. Thus we proceed according to

systemic principles and integrate formats of NLP and other techniques for breaking down

patterns and for a sustainable introduction of change processes.


Out of consciously and unconsciously skills, competencies and resources of our clients we

develop these new competencies. We want to create motivation and starting points for the

new or to be changed behaviour, which are always retrievable.


The target of coaching is always personal development of individuals or teams within their

professional tasks and responsibilities. We work according to the holistic consulting

approach and in order to ensure results, which are SMARTER©.


Our services in business coaching are:

  • Potential analysis for individuals, teams and departments
  • Team analysis and coachings
  • Team building measures
  • Talent Management


Recruitment Support


We use the Master Management Personal Analysis in the potential analysis.


Apart from Business Coaching ANOVA also offers Recruitment Support. In this area we

support young recruiters or employees who, in addition to their other tasks, are also

responsible for HR. The target is to provide them with a higher qualification in Human

Resource Management.


We work directly "on the job" and prepare jointly administrative and organisational-structural

processes and workflows for personnel search, the applicant management and the further

talent management. We see ourselves as HR professionals for a certain period of time, as

guide and coach in development processes with expertise and we contribute with very

individual support to an increase of performance.


Success Support


This means the support of individuals or groups, who wish a new orientation for professional

career - either voluntarily or due to dismissals. Career training and career coaching for

individuals as well as an outplacement of a company`s group of employees shall facilitate

getting back into active careers. Self-esteem shall be raised and the image of a company

forced to dismiss employees due to economic reasons shall be kept positive.


An outplacement is often realised in the course of a social plan. The objective is to give each

person individual support, tailored to the skills and potentials (resources) in order to get the

unemployed person back to work as quickly as possible. The spectrum ranges from

preparation of application documents, role-plays to simulate situations of a job application,

dress codes, answering and questioning techniques and contact patterns as well as

communication, held in individual sessions or in small groups. In this area as well we

proceed according to systemic principles and with a holistic (integrated) approach.