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The services of ANOVA are in accordance with a clear concept and a transparent price

strategy. It is important to us that our business partners and clients can count on us in all

respects! This is what we clearly consider as our USP!


The ANOVA fixed price model covers the following fees, irrespective of any salary:


ANOVA Talent Search*)
ANOVA Professional Search
ANOVA Expert Search
ANOVA Management Search
ANOVA Executive Search


How are the individual prices defined?
In which price level of the ANOVA fixed price model does the vacant position fall?


Talent Search*)

High Potentials within the framework or trainee programs
*) does not apply for the recruiting of individuals respectively for individual



Professional Search

Positions without personal or budget responsibility, however, with relevant

training and certain professional experience (e.g. administrative work,

assistance work, secretariat)


Expert Search

Positions with specific qualifications and professional experience as well

as with personal responsibility and/or team management (e.g. Controlling,

Project Management, Office Management, Key Account Management)


Management Search

all specialist positions with leadership responsibility

(e.g. Sales Management, Marketing and Department Management)


Executive Search

all senior management positions with unit management respectively

with budget responsibility (e.g. top management level directly under the

management board/executive board)